My Bloody Valentine: Interview with Director George Mihalka

by Kelly McNeely

Selected excerpts include—

Kelly: It’s kind of timeless, you can keep going back to it over and over again.

George: There’s enough subtle details and things to discover. Some of the lines and some of the foreshadowing that pass you by the first viewing, you catch a little bit later. When I was making the film, part of it was adding some of those subtle layers in there. Obviously, I was very blessed that we had such a good screenwriter working for us who delivered that kind of material so that we could make those layers happen.

Kelly: Was there anything that you really loved that didn’t make the cut?

George: Just about every one of them. We worked really hard on that, it was our goal and our producers goal to create never-before-seen, state-of-the-art special effects. Close to a third of the budget for the film went into special effects. Most of them were done in – what was unheard of at the time – one shot.

Posted on here. Originally post date: February 14, 2017.

PDF available for download here.